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Artillery Platform: 32-pounder Siege Gun (16 on map)

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Model 1829 32-Pounder Siege Gun Directions: This artillery platform [ Waypoint = N37 37.183 W90 38.418 ] holding a 32-pounder Siege Gun was located in the western angle of Fort Davidson. Continue walking clockwise on the top of the fort's parapet to the next angle.

Federal Lieutenant David Murphy Description: Lieutenant David Murphy, Forty-Seventh Missouri Infantry, was in command of the Fort Davidson artillery. The Confederates had moved two artillery pieces to the top of Shepherd Mountain and opened fire on the Federals in Fort Davidson. [121]

"And so it went until all the guns bearing upon the mountain side were vieing with each other in the rapidity and the accuracy of their fire. A perfect storm of shot and shell swept the slope. There was no escape from its terrible effect except by retreat and change of position. The enemy accordingly moved and the next indication of the location of his artillery showed that it had taken position a quarter of a mile southward, on a kind of shoulder in the mountain side, but further removed from the fire of the fort."

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