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Artillery Platform: 24-pounder Howitzer (14 on map)

Tour Stop

Rear view of 24-Pounder Howitzer Side view of 24-Pounder Howitzer Directions: This artillery platform [ Waypoint = N37 37.162 W90 38.409 ] holding a 24-pounder Howitzer was located in the southern angle of Fort Davidson. Continue walking clockwise on the top of the fort's parapet until you reach the next angle.

Federal Lieutenant David Murphy Description: On this platform was a 24-pounder howitzer. Lieutenant David Murphy was active during the entire Confederate attack on September 27th. He felt he needed to exhort the men who were manning the artillery pieces in Fort Davidson. At times he jumped in and manned the guns himself. [118]

"As I passed on, urging the gun detachments to keep up their gallant work, I came to gun Number 7, in charge of Lieutenant Yerger, of the First Infantry, M. S. M. He had taken the place of one of his gunners who had been killed, and was zealously acting as Cannoneer Number One. As I reached the gun, the lieutenant fell back exhausted and entirely overcome. I jumped down, took from his hand the sponge staff and, after loading the gun for about four rounds, I found myself in the same condition. I was about to give the order to the gun crew to cease firing when the lieutenant grabbed the sponge staff from my hand, exclaiming: 'All right, Major! I've got my wind again.' "

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