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Tour: The Battle of Lexington (1861)

Lexington, Missouri, 64067 is located on the Missouri River at the intersection of US Highway 24 and Missouri Highway 13 about one hour east of Kansas City, Missouri, 64105.

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The majority of this tour takes place at the Battle of Lexington State Historic Site, which is located at 1101 Delaware Street, Lexington Missouri 64067.

The Battle of Lexington as depicted in Harpers Weekly

On September 18, 1861 following a siege that had begun on September 13th, soldiers of the Missouri State Guard under the command of Major General Sterling Price attacked the fortifications of Union forces under the command of Colonel James A. Mulligan. After three days of fighting now referred to as the Battle of Lexington, the pro-Southern Missouri State Guard forced the surrender of the Federals on September 20, 1861.

Union Colonel James A. Mulligan from Harpers Weekly Missouri State Guard Major General Sterling Price
Flag of the United States of America Flag of the Missouri State Guard

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