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Skirmish Ridge

Tour Stop 3.1 [ Waypoint = N38 08.761 W94 43.327 ]

Price's Retreat Tour Stop 3.1 Looking North Towards FederalsDirections to Stop #3.1: When you exit the Visitor Center, you will need to walk north and east to the marker (4 x 4 post in the ground) that is closest to the road (State Highway 52). This tour stop is located near Pleasanton, Kansas 66075.

Description: You are standing about where the Fort Scott Road passed through here. Turn and look to the north. In the distance is a red marker. The Confederates had set up their skirmish line here to delay the advancing Federals. Following the engagement at The Mounds, Philips' and Benteen's Brigades had continued the pursuit with Philips in the lead. They had followed the Fort Scott Road south. Around 11:00 A.M. on October 25, 1864, Philips' Brigade came over the ridge to the north and drove back the Confederate skirmishers. Philips immediately saw the Confederate rear guard forming its line of battle north of Mine Creek with its artillery ready. Philips formed on the right and waited for Benteen to arrive.

Price's Retreat Tour Stop 3.1 Looking North Towards FederalsPrice's Retreat Tour Stop 3.1 Looking South Down Fort Scott Road

Turn around and look to the south. Take note of the terrain - it's rolling prairie, the perfect topography for a cavalry engagement. The entire field was tall prairie grass with only some small trees along the creek.

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