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Charging Federals Hit Confederate Line

Tour Stop 3.5 [ Waypoint = N38 08.459 W94 43.375 ]

Directions to Stop #3.5: You should be able to see Trail Marker 5 off in the distance south of where you are standing at Trail Marker 4. Just follow the trail straight ahead (south) to the next marker. This tour stop is located near Pleasanton, Kansas 66075.

Price's Retreat Tour Stop 3.5 Looking EastDescription: Major Abial R. Pierce in command of the Fourth Iowa Regiment was stuck behind the halted Tenth Missouri. He decided that he needed to move to his left t get around the "traffic jam." He was successful and ordered the regiment to charge the Confederate right flank. As they charged forward, two companies, A and K, of the Fourth Iowa had to move further left to avoid a ravine blocking their movement forward. In veering left they were able to flank the Confederate position. The Fourth Iowa Regiment attacked Clark's Brigade from the rear and sent the Confederates retreating in disarray. The rest of Benteen's Brigade followed the lead of the Fourth Iowa and charged the Confederates. At this point Philips' Brigade remounted and charged the Confederate left.

Now you have reached the Confederate line and are standing where the Union Cavalry charge crashed into the Confederate defenders. Just to the east of where you are standing was Clark's Brigade from Marmaduke's Division. Just to the west of where you are standing was Freeman's Brigade from Marmaduke's Division.

Price's Retreat Tour Stop 3.5 Looking SoutheastPrice's Retreat Tour Stop 3.5 Looking Southwest

If you look to the southeast, you can almost see Union Major Abial R. Pierce leading the Fourth Iowa Regiment and hitting the Clark's Brigade from the rear. Freeman's Brigade would turn and run before the charging Federals even reached them. Earlier they had suffered many casualties from the withering fire at the hands of Philips' dismounted brigade. Their retreat exposed Cabell's right flank to the attacking Federals. The Seventh Missouri State Militia (MSM) Regiment commanded by Lt. Colonel T. T. Crittenden broke through the right center and flanked Cabell's Brigade.

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