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Palmer House

Tour Stop 3.9 [ Waypoint = N38 08.210 W94 43.516 ]

Directions to Stop #3.9: Now the trail turns to the northwest. Follow the trail until you see Trail Marker 9. This tour stop is located near Pleasanton, Kansas 66075.

Price's Retreat Tour Stop 3.9 Looking SouthwestDescription: You are now standing north of where the house belonging to John Palmer stood just on the other (south) side of the creek. Before the battle began, Major General James F. Fagan had deployed parts of his division south of the creek in and around the Palmer House. The house itself was less than 100 yards from the south bank of the main ford. Mrs. Palmer and her two daughters along with Barbara Jane Dolson and her infant daughter were at the house when the Confederates first moved through on there way south. After the battle was over, they were outside offering assistance to the wounded.


Price's Retreat Tour Stop 3.9 Looking NorthwestPrice's Retreat Tour Stop 3.9 Looking North

Barbara Jane Dolson wrote later:

"The advance of the rebel army (a squad of Shelby's men) reached our house just as breakfast was ready. The few who came in first sat down to the table and went to helping themselves. The house was then soon full of rebels. I went to the door and looked out; the whole valley seemed full of men. The first that passed seemed to be marching in some order. At the head of the column was an old rebel flag all torn in strips, fluttering in the wind. But as they came on they seemed to be in more and worse confusion, and traveling faster, until as the last wagon train passed they were in great confusion and going at a dead run. This was the supply train which they were anxious to save from the attacking Union forces. Soon the cannon began to boom and we could see the rebels forming in battle line just north of our house, and only a few rods distant. Standing in the north door I could see a great mass of men and horses coming swiftly on; soon the rattle of musketry was so great I could hear nothing else. I could see cannons a mile away belch out flames and smoke but could not hear them for the noise of the small arms all around me."

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