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McIntosh Falls

Tour Stop

Confederate General James McIntoshDirections: The place where Confederate Brigadier General James McIntosh was killed [ Waypoint = N36 26.871 W94 03.279 ] is located a couple of hundred yards east of State Highway 72 along the northern edge of Oberson's Field.

  • Return walking east along the southern edge of Oberson's Field back towards State Highway 72.
  • Carefully cross to the eastern side of the two-lane highway.
  • After walking about 200 yards along the northern edge of Oberson's Field, you will have reached the spot near where McIntosh was killed.
  • When finished, continue walking east along the northern edge of Oberson's field until you reach the Park's Tour Road.
  • Walk back to the Leetown Battlefield parking area.

North Edge of Oberson's Field Near Location Where McIntosh KilledDescription: You are now standing on the northern edge of Oberson's Field near the location [ Waypoint = N36 26.871 W94 03.279 ] where Confederate Brigadier General James McIntosh was killed by a Federal volley. McIntosh was in the woods behind you leading the 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles against the Federals when he was killed.

After some of the Confederate infantry discovered McCulloch's body, Confederate Brigadier General McIntosh found out a short time later that he was now in command of the Confederate Right Wing. He immediately went forward intending to put McCulloch's planned attack into motion. He send word up and down the Confederate line of battle to attack and then led the dismounted 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles forward in the woods on the north end of Oberson's Field.

Around the same time that McIntosh was moving forward, Union Colonel Greusel moved his 36th Illinois Regiment out into Oberson's Field and approached the woods at the north end of Oberson's Field. The Federals fired a volley just as McIntosh and the 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles emerged from the woods. McIntosh was killed by this volley. The Confederates retrieved his body and quickly retreated back through the woods to Foster's Farm.

Although he was unaware that his 36th Illinois had killed McIntosh, Union Colonel Greusel did describe how “the enemy retreated in great confusion”. Confederate Colonel Elkanah Greer, commanding the 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment provided the following description in his official report:

“Early in the engagement my command had been assigned a position by General McCulloch on the field to be held at all hazards. Repeatedly during the day I sent messengers for orders to Generals McCulloch and McIntosh. Not being able to find them, and growing impatient from long delay, I ordered my regiment to horse and moved them in the center of the field, and then went in search of the generals myself. Meeting with the staff of the two generals, I was then for the first time informed that they were dead, and that I was senior officer on the field. My first inquiry was for Brigadier-General Pike. I was informed that he had left the field, and, as I afterward learned, with a great portion of the division. I at once assumed command of all the forces remaining on the field, sending Captain Dotson to the rear to halt and bring back the different commands that were moving, with the determination, as I understood, of going around and joining General Price's division. About this time I received a note from the commanding general, addressed to General McCulloch, containing information that the enemy had been driven back on the left. Later some one came from the commanding general and stated that he desired we should hold our position. Being unexpectedly placed in command and having had no intimation of the general plan of attack, seeing but few troops on the field, and not knowing the whereabouts of the remainder, I took a view of the field and its surroundings.”

The Confederate right wing had been rendered leaderless and the resulting confusion led to a total loss of initiative.

North Edge of Oberson's Field Near Location Where McIntosh KilledNorth Edge of Oberson's Field Looking South Near Location Where McCulloch Killed

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