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Huntsville Road

Tour Stop

Directions: Now continue to follow the hiking trail in a south/southeasterly direction. In a little less than a mile, you should reach the Huntsville Road [ Waypoint = N36 27.129 W94 00.380 ].

Description: You just walked along the path that the units from Price's Division took when they tried to outflank the Federal forces under the command of Colonel Grenville Dodge. Having reached the Huntsville Road you are now about a half mile east of Elkhorn Tavern [ Waypoint = N36 27.212 W94 00.944 ]. Look to the east down the Huntsville Road to see the path taken on March 8th by the retreating Confederates. Look west down the Huntsville Road and see the path taken by Price's forces as they moved into position to flank Union Colonel Grenville Dodge's forces near Clemens Field [ Waypoint = N36 27.145 W94 00.569 ].

Looking East Down Huntsville Road Near Hiking TrailLooking West Down Huntsville Road Near Hiking Trail Towards Clemens Field

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