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Battle of Westport: Collins Battery

Tour Stop 9 [ Waypoint = N39 01.591 W94 35.691 ]

"Near this point on the morning of October 23, 1864, Captain Richard A. Collins' Confederate Battery of Shelby's Brigade went into action, supported by two cavalry battalions. For two hours this battery dueled with the 9th Wisconsin Battery, covering the approaches to Westport. So hot was Collins' fire that he burst one of his guns."

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Directions to Stop #9: Tour Stop 9 is located at the intersection of 56th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Go back to your car. If you turn south onto Wornall Road, continue south and turn right (west) onto 55th Street. After one block, turn left (south) onto Pennsylvania Avenue and drive about one block to 56th Street. If you turn south on Summit Street, turn left (east) when you get to 55th Street. After one block, turn right (south) onto Pennsylvania Avenue and drive about one block to 56th Street. The marker is on the southeast corner of the intersection. This tour stop is located in Kansas City, Missouri 64113.

Description: After outflanking Shelby's Division around noon, Curtis ordered the 9th Wisconsin Battery to open fire on the left and rear of Shelby's position (Tour Stop 5). Captain Richard A. Collin's Missouri Battery (2 guns) reacted by turning to fire at the 9th Wisconsin Battery. This battery was located near where you are now standing.

Remember that once the Union 9th Wisconsin Battery began shelling the Confederates, Union General Blunt was able to move his troops forward quickly and reach the heights south of Brush Creek. Blunt brought up the rest of his artillery. Both McLain's and Barker's Batteries were brought forward to the heights. Militia artillery was also brought forward. The Federal artillery now numbered 30 guns and their effect was devastating to the Confederates. The artillery duel became so intense that Collins burst one of his guns. Collins' battery was down to a single gun.

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