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Battle of Westport: Epilogue

Price's plan to save his army on October 23 was to defeat Curtis' Army of the Border in Westport while fighting a holding action against Pleasonton at the Big Blue River. Once Curtis was defeated, Price could turn and defeat Pleasonton. If successful, Price would save his army and his 600 wagons of supplies ad 3,000 head of cattle. As it turns out, he was unsuccessful on both of these. While Jo Shelby's Division fought a heroic rear guard action, Price retreated south with his defeated troops and his wagon train. Although defeated on October 23rd, Price was able to escape the destruction of his army.

The Federal pursuit column would catch up with Price's retreating army on October 25th near Mine Creek in Kansas. Here two Federal Cavalry Brigades, although outnumbered, would attack and decisively defeat the Confederates. Confederate Generals Marmaduke and Cabell would be captured along with over 600 of their men. Over one third of Price's wagon train would be destroyed. However, once again the Federal pursuit column would not be able to capitalize on this victory to destroy the Confederate army. Price and the remnants of his army would escape south through the Indian Territory into Texas before eventually arriving back in Laynesport, Arkansas on December 2, 1864. He would return with less than half of the army he had left with.

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