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Battle of Westport: Bent & Ward Houses

Tour Stop 4 [Waypoint = N39 01.691 W94 36.112]

"The brick house in the rear was owned by William Bent, fur trader. On Sunday, October 23, 1864, heavy fighting occurred here. After Union General Curtis flanked the Confederate line by coming up a ravine (Rockwell Lane) his troops were a few rods north of the house. The Confederate line was defended by portions of Jackman's and Thompson's Brigades of Shelby's Division. At about noon the Confederates were pushed back to 55th Street. They withdrew south at 1:00 P.M."

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Directions to Stop #4: Tour Stop 4 is located just east of the intersection of 55th Street and Sunset Drive. Follow Sunset Driver in a southeast direction for about 0.6 miles until you reach 55th Street. Turn left (east) on and you should see the marker a little ways ahead on the left (north) hand side of the street.This tour stop is located in Kansas City, Missouri 64112.

Description: After following Thoman, Curtis and his escort (including the 9th Wisconsin Battery) ended up close to where you are now standing (just south and west of the Bent farmhouse). Curtis had now outflanked the Confederate position (next tour stop) to the left and rear of Shelby's Division. The 9th Wisconsin Battery unlimbered and opened fire on the enemy. The Confederates were totally surprised. Shelby's line fell back from the crest and across the little south valley. Collins' Battery (Tour Stop 9) turned to fire at the 9th Wisconsin Battery.

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