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US Flag 35 Stars July 1861 to July 1865 CSA First National Flag Missouri State Guard Flag Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Flag

A number of Wilson's Creek battle participants went on to become general officers during the war. The following Major Generals came out of Lyon's Army of the West: Gordon Granger, Francis J. Herron, Peter J. Osterhaus, John M. Schofield, Franz Sigel, D.S. Stanley, and Frederick Steele. The following Brigadier Generals fought at Wilson's Creek: E.B. Carr, Powell Clayton, C.C. Gilbert, Robert B. Mitchell, Joseph B. Plummer, Samuel D. Sturgis, Thomas Sweeney, and James Totten. Missourians who rose to general officer rank in the Confederate Army were John B. Clark, Jr., Francis M. Cockrell, Colton Greene, M.M. Parsons, Joseph 0. Shelby, William Y. Slack, and Sterling Price.

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