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Confederate Coalition (10,175 men)

CSA First National Flag Missouri State Guard Flag Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Flag

Confederate Brigadier General Benjamin McCullochCommander: Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch

The forces opposing Lyon were a "coalition army" consisting of Missouri State troops (the Missouri State Guard) under Major General Sterling Price, Arkansas State forces under Brigadier General N. Bart Pearce, and Confederate troops under Brigadier General Ben McCulloch. McCulloch was selected as overall commander days before the battle.

Pearce's Brigade (2,234) Brigadier General N. Bart Pearce

  • 1st Arkansas Cavalry, Colonel De Rosey Carroll (350)
  • Carroll's Cavalry, Captain Charles A. Carroll (40)
  • 3d Arkansas Infantry, Colonel John R. Gratiot (500)
  • Confederate Brigadier General Bart Pearce4th Arkansas Infantry, Colonel J. D. Walker (550)
  • 5th Arkansas Infantry, Colonel Tom P. Dockery (650)
  • Pulaski Light Battery, Captain W. E. Woodruff Jr. (4 guns, 71 men)
  • Fort Smith Light Battery Battery, Captain J. G. Reid (4 guns, 73 men)

McCulloch's Brigade (2,720) Brigadier General Ben McCulloch

  • 3d Louisiana Infantry, Colonel Louis Hebert (700)
  • Arkansas Infantry, Lt. Colonel D. McRae (220)
  • 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Colonel T. J. Churchill (600)
  • 2d Arkansas Mounted Rifles, Colonel James McIntosh (400)
  • South Kansas-Texas Mounted Regiment, Colonel Elkanah Greer (800)


Confederate Major General Sterling PriceMissouri State Guard (5,221) Major Gen. Sterling Price

2nd Division (2,526) Brigadier General James S. Rains

Infantry Brigade (1,250) Colonel Richard H. Weightman

1st Missouri State Guard Infantry
2d Missouri State Guard Infantry
3d Missouri State Guard Infantry
4th Missouri State Guard Infantry

Cavalry Brigade (1,210) Colonel Cawthorn

Peyton's Cavalry
McCowan's Cavalry
Hunter's Cavalry

Bledsoe's Battery (3 guns, 66 men)

3rd Division (573) Brigadier General Charles Clark

Burbridge's Infantry, Colonel J. Q. Burbridge (273)
Major's Cavalry, Lt. Colonel J. P. Major (300)

4th Division (934) Brigadier General William Y. Slack

Hughes Infantry, Colonel John T. Hughes and
Thornton's Infantry, Major C. C. Thornton (650)
Rives' Cavalry, Colonel B. A. Rives (234)

6th Division (601) Brigadier General Monroe M. Parsons

Kelly's Infantry, Colonel Kelly (195)
Brown's Cavalry, Colonel Brown (406)
Guibor's Battery, Captain H. Guibor (4 guns, 61 men)

7th Division (645) Brigadier General J.H. McBride

Wingo's Infantry, Colonel Wingo (300)
Foster's Infantry, Colonel Foster (305)
Campbell's Cavalry, Captain Campbell (40)


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