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Missouri State Guard

Commander: Major General Sterling Price

There were about 8 - 10,000 Missouri State Guardsmen present during the Battle of Lexington.

2nd Division - Brigadier General Thomas A. Harris
  • Kneisley's Battery, (3 guns)

3rd Division - Colonel Congrave Jackson (where was Brigadier General Charles Clark?)

4th Division - Colonel Benjamin A. Rives (Brigadier General William Y. Slack was absent)

5th Division - Brigadier General Alexander E. Steen

  • Kelly's Battery - Captain Kelly (3 guns)

6th Division - Brigadier General Monroe M. Parsons

  • Guibor's Battery - Captain H. Guibor (4 guns)

7th Division - Brigadier General James H. McBride

8th Division - Brigadier General James S. Rains

  • Bledsoe's Battery - Captain Emmett MacDonald (3 guns) - Captain Hiram Bledsoe had been wounded at Dry Wood Creek but returned to his command on September 20th.
  • Clark's Battery - Captain Churchill Clark (3 guns)

There were also an additional 10,000 or so ad hoc volunteers who had come to Lexington to join in and whip the Yankees.

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