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Confederate Army of the West (16,000)

Major General Earl Van Dorn

Right Wing

McCulloch’s Division - Brigadier General Benjamin McCulloch (killed)

Hébert’s Infantry Brigade - Colonel Louis Hébert (captured)

  • 3rd Louisiana Infantry
  • 4th Arkansas Infantry
  • 14th Arkansas Infantry
  • 15th Arkansas Infantry
  • 16th Arkansas Infantry
  • 17th Arkansas Infantry
  • 1st Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted)
  • 2nd Arkansas Mounted Rifles (dismounted)
  • 4th Texas Cavalry Battalion (dismounted)[1]

McIntosh’s Cavalry Brigade - Brigadier General James McIntosh (killed)

  • 3rd Texas Cavalry
  • 6th Texas Cavalry
  • 9th Texas Cavalry
  • 11th Texas Cavalry
  • 1st Texas Cavalry Battalion (not engaged)
  • 1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion

Division Artillery

  • Hart’s Arkansas Battery
  • Provence’s Arkansas Battery
  • Gaines’s Arkansas Battery
  • Good’s Texas Battery

Pike’s Indian Brigade - Brigadier General Albert Pike

  • 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles
  • 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles
  • 1st Choctaw and Chickasaw (not engaged)
  • 1st Creek Mounted Rifles (not engaged)
  • Welch’s Texas Cavalry Squadron

Unassigned Units

  • 19th Arkansas (not engaged)
  • 20th Arkansas (not engaged)

Left Wing

Price’s Division - Major General Sterling Price (wounded)

Headquarters Units

  • Cearnal’s Missouri Cavalry Battalion
1st Missouri Brigade - Colonel Henry Little
  • 1st Missouri Cavalry
  • 2nd Missouri Infantry
  • 3rd Missouri Infantry
  • Wade’s Missouri Artillery Battery
  • Clark’s Missouri Artillery Battery

2nd Missouri Brigade - Colonel William Y. Slack (mortally wounded)

  • Bevier’s Missouri Infantry Battalion
  • Hughes’s Missouri Infantry Battalion
  • Rosser’s Missouri Infantry Battalion
  • Riggins’s Missouri Cavalry Battalion
  • Jackson’s Missouri Artillery Battery
  • Landis’s Missouri Artillery Battery

3rd Missouri Brigade - Colonel Colton Greene

  • Brigade composed of partially organized battalions and companies from Missouri State Guard transferring into Confederate service.

Units included parts of:

  • Colonel Thomas Freeman's Regiment
  • Lt. Colonel John A. Schnable's Regiment
  • Capt. L.C. Campbell's cavalry company

Missouri State Guard

  • 2nd Division - Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green
Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
Kneisley’s Missouri Battery
  • 3rd Division -Colonel John B. Clark, Jr.
1st Infantry
2nd Infantry
3rd Infantry
4th & 5th Infantry
6th Infantry
Tull’s Missouri Battery
  • 5th Division - Colonel James P. Saunders
Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
Kelley’s Battery
  • 6th Division - Major D. Herndon Lindsay
Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
Gorham’s Battery
  • 7th & 9th Divisions - Brig. Gen. Daniel M. Frost
Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
Guibor’s Missouri Battery
MacDonald’s St. Louis Battery
  • 8th Division - Brig. Gen. James S. Rains
1st Infantry
2nd Infantry
3rd Infantry
4th Infantry
Shelby’s Cavalry Company
Bledsoe’s Missouri Battery

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