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Union Army of the Southwest (10,500)

Brigadier General Samuel R. Curtis

Headquarters Units

  • 24th Missouri Infantry (5 companies)- Maj. Eli W. Weston
  • 3rd Iowa Cavalry (5 companies)-Colonel Cyrus Bussey
  • Bowen’s Missouri Cavalry Battalion (4 companies plus 4 mountain howitzers)-Maj. William D. Bowen

1st and 2nd Divisions - Brigadier General Franz Sigel

1st Division - Colonel Peter J. Osterhaus

1st Brigade - Colonel Peter J. Osterhaus

  • 25th Illinois Infantry - Colonel William N. Coler
  • 44th Illinois Infantry - Colonel Charles Knobelsdorff
  • 17th Missouri Infantry (Company A detached) - Maj. August H. Poten

2nd Brigade - Colonel Nicholas Gruesel

  • 36th Illinois Infantry (Company F detached) - Colonel Nicholas Gruesel
  • 12th Missouri Infantry (Company E detached) - Maj. Hugo Wangelin
  • 4th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery - Capt. Louis Hoffman
  • Welfley’s Independent Battery, Missouri Light Artillery - Capt. Martin Welfley

2nd Division - Brig. Gen. Alexander S. Asboth (wounded)

1st Brigade - Colonel Frederick Shaefer

  • 2nd Missouri Infantry - Lt. Colonel Bernard Laiboldt
  • 15th Missouri Infantry - Colonel Francis J. Joliat
  • 1st Missouri Flying Artillery Battery - Capt. Gustavus M. Elbert
  • 2nd Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery - Lt. William B. Chapman

Not Brigaded

  • 3rd Missouri Infantry (3 companies) - Maj. Joseph Conrad
  • 4th Missouri Cavalry (6 companies) - Maj. Emeric Meszaros
  • 5th Missouri Cavalry - Colonel Joseph Nemett

3rd Division - Colonel Jefferson C. Davis

1st Brigade - Colonel Thomas Pattison

  • 8th Indiana Infantry - Colonel William P. Benton
  • 18th Indiana Infantry - Lt. Colonel Henry D. Washburn
  • 22nd Indiana Infantry (Company B absent) - Lt. Colonel John A. Hendricks (killed)
  • 1st Battery Indiana Light Artillery - Capt. Martin Klauss

2nd Brigade - Colonel Julius White

  • 37th Illinois Infantry - Lt. Colonel Myron Barnes
  • 59th Illinois Infantry - Lt. Colonel Calvin H. Frederick
  • Battery A, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery - Capt. Peter Davidson

Not Brigaded

  • 1st Missouri Cavalry (8 companies) - Colonel Calvin A. Ellis

4th Division - Colonel Eugene A. Carr (wounded)

1st Brigade - Colonel Grenville M. Dodge (wounded)

  • 4th Iowa Infantry - Lt. Colonel John Galligan (wounded)
  • 35th Illinois Infantry - Colonel Gustavus A. Smith (wounded)
  • 3rd Illinois Cavalry - Maj. John McConnell
  • 1st Independent Battery, Iowa Light Artillery - Capt. Junius A. Jones (wounded)

2nd Brigade - Colonel William Vandever

  • 9th Iowa Infantry - Lt. Colonel Francis J. Herron (wounded, captured)
  • 25th Missouri Infantry - Colonel John S. Phelps (wounded)
  • 3rd Independent Battery, Iowa Light Artillery - Capt. Mortimer M. Hayden


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