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Union Troopers Attack Confederates on Rock Ledge

Tour Stop #6

| Waypoint | N 39º 00.937' W 94º 31.570' |

tour-stop-6b-rocky-ledge-leftDirections to Stop #6: Tour Stop #6 is in the field just across Manchester Trafficway from stop #5. This tour stop is located in Kansas City, Missouri 64132.









tour-stop-6-rocky-ledge-rightDescription: You are now standing near the position where two Union Cavalry Brigades made their final charge against the Confederate position on the rocky ledge on October 23rd. Colonel John F. Philips First Brigade attacked from the left and Colonel Edward F. Winslow's Fourth Brigade attacked from the right. The rocky ledge (tour stop #13) should be visible just across the railroad tracks (the railroad tracks did not exist in 1864) to the west.

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