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Byram's Ford Road

Tour Stop #4

| Waypoint | N 39º 00.939' W 94º 31.392' |

tour-stop-4-markerDirections to Stop #4: It is about a 200 yard walk to the fourth tour stop. Head west and follow the pavement until you get to E 60th Street. Turn left (south) and walk to the tree line near the end of E 60th Street. This tour stop is located in Kansas City, Missouri 64132.

Description: Walking to the fourth stop on the tour takes you back to the historic location of the Byrams' Ford Road. The Big Blue River is just to your left. This was a narrow road Union forces moved along in their attack against the Confederate defenders on October 23rd. Here you are standing near the spot where the advancing First Brigade led by Colonel John F. Philips launched several attacks against the rocky ledge about 400 yards to the west. Unfortunately, due to the building to the west, you cannot see the rocky ledge from where you are standing.

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