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Byram's Ford Road 2

Tour Stop #9

| Waypoint | N 39º 00.961' W 94º 31.795' |

Directions to Stop #9: Walk north about 0.15 miles (250 yards) to the end of the parking lot. Inside the trees a short distance to the north is Tour Stop #9. When you get into the trees you will find it very overgrown. You may have difficulty finding the marker. This tour stop is located in Kansas City, Missouri 64132.

Description: The ninth stop on the tour brings you near the location of old Byram's Ford Road (roughly follows the power line). Back in 1864, there was a log cabin located near here in which Marmaduke had placed sharpshooters. As you walk from stop #8 to stop #9 you are walking along the area on which Marmaduke had established his main line o defense against the federal attack. As you walk, look to your right (east) and you may be able to see the Federals advancing towards you.

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