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Battle of Westport Historical Marker #17

Tour Stop #5

| Waypoint | N 39º 00.929' W 94º 31.554' |

tour-stop-5-markerDirections to Stop #5: The path following the old Byram's Ford Road is very overgrown so you may want to follow the road and walk around the building to the west. Follow E 60th Street around until it gets back to Manchester Trafficway and turn left (south). Walk about a block until you come to the historical marker. It is made of brick and has a map on top. This tour stop is located in Kansas City, Missouri 64132.





tour-stop-5b-looking-west-along-byrams-roadDescription: The fifth stop on the tour places you at The Battle of Westport Historical Marker Number 17. The map marker provides a bird's eye view of the Battle of Byram's Ford. You can see the rocky ledge about 100 yards to the west.


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