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Union Defenders

Commander: Colonel James A. Mulligan

There were about 3,500 Union defenders present during the Battle of Lexington.

3rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment, "The Irish Brigade" - Colonel James A. Mulligan

14th Missouri Home Guard Regiment - Lt. Colonel Robert White

Lafayette Home Guard Battalion - Major F.W. Becker

  • Battery (Two 6-pdr Guns, Two Mortars)

13th Missouri Volunteer Infantry - Colonel Everett Peabody

1st Illinois Volunteer Cavalry - Colonel T.A. Marshall

U.S. Reserve Corps Infantry Battalion - Major R.T. Van Horn

  • Battery (Two 6-pdr Guns) - Captain Adams

27th Missouri Mounted Infantry - Lt. Colonel B.W. Grover

Volunteer Cavalry Battalion - Major M.P. Berry

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