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Timeline for The Battle of Boonville

January 2, 1861 Claiborne Fox Jackson becomes Governor of Missouri
April 12, 1861 Confederates fire on Fort Sumter
April 15, 1861 President Abraham Lincoln issues proclamation calling for 75,000 volunteers
April 17, 1861 Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson condemns Lincoln's call for volunteers from Missouri
May 10, 1861 The Camp Jackson Affair
May 31, 1861 Brigadier-General Nathaniel Lyon assumes command of the Department of the West.
June 11, 1861 Conference between Claiborne Fox Jackson, Sterling Price, Nathaniel Lyon, and Frank Blair, Jr. at the Planters House Hotel in St. Louis
June 13, 1861 Federal forces capture Jefferson City
June 17, 1861 The Battle of Boonville
July 5, 1861 The Battle of Carthage
July 21, 1861 The Battle of Bull Run
August 10, 1861 The Battle of Wilson's Creek

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