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Combatants for The Battle of Boonville

United States of America Flag with 33 stars that was inn use 4 July 1859–3 July 1861. Although admission of Kansas to the Union occurred in January, 1861, the 34th star was not added until July 4, 1861. Missouri State Guard Flag
Union Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon in Command of the Union Army of the West Major General Sterling Price in Command of the Missouri State Guard

Union Army of the West [28]

Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon, Commander

Note: By the time Lyon reached Boonville, his forces numbered about 1,700 men. Lyon had left Colonel Henry Boernstein and three of his regiment's companies to occupy Jefferson City.

  • First Missouri Infantry Regiment of Volunteers commanded by Colonel Frank P. Blair, Jr.
  • Nine companies from the Second Missouri Infantry (Boernstein's) Regiment of Volunteers commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Schaefer
  • Totten's Light Battery, Company F, Second U. S. Artillery commanded by Captain James Totten
  • Company B, Second United States Infantry Regiment
  • Two unattached companies of U. S. recruits

Missouri State Guard [29]

Major General Sterling Price, Commander

Note: Price became seriously ill with dysentery and had left to recuperate, so was not present at the Battle of Boonville. Command of the forces there fell to Missouri Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson. Brigadier General John B. Clark had been in command of the Missouri State Guard Forces before the arrival of Price and Jackson. Missouri State Guard forces present in Boonville numbered about 500 men, mostly untrained.

  • First Regiment, Missouri Rifles commanded by Colonel John S. Marmaduke

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