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Price's Raid – 1864

Historical Marker B

"Approximately 15,000 troops of Confederate General Sterling Price's Army of Missouri, including guerrilla leader George Todd, engaged 3,500 Union soldiers under the command of Major General James G. Blunt on the western bluffs of the Little Blue River. With Blunt was Senator James H. Lane and Kansas 'Red Legs' under Colonel Charles R. Jennison.

The six hour engagement ended between four and five in the afternoon, with Union forces forced to retreat eight miles west to Independence where a final attempt was made by the Kansas Eleventh Cavalry to hold the town. Price's Confederate Army of Missouri occupied Independence o the evening of October 21st."

| Map | Waypoint = N39 08.044 W94 18.824 |

Historical Marker BDirections to Historical Marker B: Carefully get started heading west on US Hwy 24. You will need to get into the left lane for you want to make a left turn onto Old Lexington Road. It's the first left you come to and is only about 0.5 miles west of marker A. Drive to the end of Old Lexington Road continuing across the railroad tracks. The marker is located in the southeast corner of the parking lot. This tour stop is located near Independence, Missouri 64056.

Looking south up the Little Blue RiverDescription: This marker is located near the Independence-Lexington Road where a bridge crossed the river and where Moonlight had placed his headquarters. The marker has a map showing the troop placements and movements on the morning of October 21, 1864.

Remember that Moonlight had put his advance pickets about a mile east of the river. When Marmaduke launched his attack at 7:00 AM, the Confederate troops were quickly able to push the Union troops to the west bank of the Little Blue. After withdrawing to the west side of the river, Union troops used a hay wagon to burn the bridge which delayed the Confederate advance.

Moonlight had placed his howitzers (west of the river and south of the road) to cover the bridge. Although the trees lower visibility to the west, you should be able to see where the Union battery was placed. Walk up to the railroad tracks and look out in the distance and a little to the left. The Confederate attack stalled at the east bank of the river due to heavy fire from this four howitzer battery. Realizing that the Confederates has overwhelming numbers and would soon flank his position, Moonlight began slowly withdrawing to the west.

By 9:00 AM Marmaduke was able to get his division across the river. Confederate General Jo Shelby rapidly brought his division across the Little Blue to support Marmaduke's attack. By 10:00 AM Moonlight had to withdraw to the west. Look down the Old Lexington road to see the route that Shelby's Division took in their late morning attack. Walk across the railroad tracks and walk down the Little Blue Trace Trail abut 0.1 miles. Look to the west just after you cross the footbridge. You should have a better look at the bluffs to which Moonlight's Second Brigade withdrew.

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