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Civil War Books - The War in Missouri and Kansas

Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border

Donald Gilmore

Gretna: Pelican, 2006.

Donald Gilmore provides a balanced look at the Border War which took place between Kansas and Missouri during the years leading up to and during the American Civil War. Donald Gilmore was an advisor to Ang Lee during the production of the film, "Ride With The Devil."

Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, and Prairie Grove: A Battlefield Guide, with a Section on Wire Road

Earl J. Hess, William L. Shea, William G. Piston, and Richard W. Hatcher

Bison Books, 2006.

Excellent battlefield guide for the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. Highly recommended.

Wilson's Creek: The Second Battle of the Civil War and the Men Who Fought It

by William G Piston and Richard W Hatcher III

Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2000

Excellent, in depth coverage of the Battle of Wilson's Creek. Provides a great discussion of the events leading up to the battle.

Action before Westport, 1864.

by Howard N. Monnett

Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 1995

Excellent, in depth coverage of Price's Missouri Expedition of 1864. Monnett grew up in the Kansas City area and was mentored by some individuals present during the fighting.

General James G. Blunt: Tarnished Glory

Robert Collins

Gretna, La.: Pelican Pub. Co., 2005.

A very detailed and informative account of the life and time of James G. Blunt, with particular emphasis on his service during the American Civil War.

Bloody Hill: The Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek.

by William R Brooksher

Washington: Brassey's, 1995.

Detailed treatment of a key battle between North and South in the struggle for Missouri.

The Battle of Carthage: Border War in Southwest Missouri, July 5, 1861.

by David C. Hinze and Karen Farnham

Gretna: Pelican, 2004.

Detailed treatment of the first major engagement to occur during the American Civil War. The Battle of Carthage took place 16 days prior to the First Battle of Bull Run.

Civil War on the Western Border, 1854-1865.

by Jay Monaghan

Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1955.

General Jo Shelby, Undefeated Rebel.

by Daniel O'Flaherty

Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1954.

Fascinating discussion about Missouri's Joseph Orville Shelby, the only Confederate commander who never surrended to the Federals at the end of the Civil War.

The Battle of Wilson's Creek

by Edwin C Bearss

Cassville: Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation, 1992

A classic work from one of the foremost experts on the American Civil War.

Jo Shelby's Iron Brigade.

by Deryl P. Sellmeyer

Gretna, La.: Pelican Pub. Co., 2007.

This book provides a detailed discussion of the career of Jo Shelby, Missouri's greatest warrior and probably the best cavalry commander of the American Civil War.

October 25th and The Battle of Mine Creek.

by Lumir F.Buresh

Kansas City: The Lowell Press, 1977.

This books covers Price's Missouri Expedition with an in depth discussion of the Battle of Mine Creek. Detailed notes on casualties and interesting discussion of the impact of this battle on future US cavalry tactics.

Rebel Invasion of Missouri and Kansas and the Campaign of The Army of the Border Against General Sterling Price in October and November 1864.

by Richard J. Hinton

Ottawa: Kansas Heritage Press, 1994

Gettysburg of the West: The Battle of Westport, October 21-23, 1864.

by Fred L. Lee, Editor

Shawnee Mission: Two Trails Genealogy Shop, 1996.

This books covers the fighting that took place in and around Kansas City, Missouri. Includes many personal accounts from individuals present during the conflict.

The Wilson's Creek Staff Ride and Battlefield Tour

by George Edward Knapp

Fort Leavenworth: Combat Studies Institute Press, 1993

Major Knapp has created an in depth tour of the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. If you want to be adventurous and get a feeling for what the soldiers went through, this tour will help you do that. He takes you off the beaten path and sends you cross-country over the battlefield.

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