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Time Line: 1864

January 1, 1864

The Department of Kansas re-established.

January 16, 1864

Maj. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Department of Kansas.

January 30, 1864

Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans, U. S. Army, supersedes Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield in command of the Department of the Missouri.

Maj. Gen. Frederick Steele, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Seventh Army Corps and Department of Arkansas.

March 16, 1864

Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, C. S. Army, supersedes Lieut. Gen. Theophilus H. Holmes in command of the District of Arkansas.

May 18 – 31, 1864

Shelby's operations north of the Arkansas River.

May 27, 1864

The Department of the Missouri embraced in Military Division of West Mississippi.

July 13. 1864

The Battle of Camden Point

August 29 – December 2, 1864

Price's Missouri Expedition.

August 29, 1864

Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, C. S. Army, assumes command of the expeditionary forces at Princeton, Arkansas.

September 19, 1864

Price's column enters Missouri.

Affair at Doniphan, Missouri

September 20, 1864

Skirmish at Ponder's Mill, Little Black River, Missouri

Surrender of Keytesville, Missouri

September 22, 1864

Skirmish near Sikeston, Missouri

Affair at Patterson, Missouri

September 23, 1864

Skirmishes near Rocheport, Missouri

September 24, 1864

Attack on Fayette, Missouri

Skirmish at Jackson, Missouri

Skirmish at Farmington, Missouri

September 25, 1864

Skirmish at Farmington, Missouri

Affair at Huntsville, Missouri

September 26, 1864

Skirmishes in Arcadia Valley, Shut-in Gap, and Ironton, Missouri

September 27, 1864

Affair at Centralia, Missouri

Skirmishes at Arcadia and Ironton, Missouri

Attack on Fort Davidson, Pilot Knob, Missouri

Skirmish at Mineral Point, Missouri

September 28, 1864

Skirmish at Caledonia, Missouri

Skirmish near Centralia, Missouri

September 29, 1864

Affair at Cuba, Missouri

September 29 – October 1, 1864

Skirmishes at Leasburg or Harrison, Missouri.

October 1. 1864

Skirmish at Union, Missouri

Skirmish at Franklin, Missouri

Skirmish near Lake Springs, Missouri

October 2, 1864

Occupation of Washington, Missouri

October 3, 1864

Affair at Millers Station, Missouri

Skirmish at Hermann, Missouri

October 4, 1864

Skirmish near Richwoods, Missouri

October 6, 1864

Skirmishes on the Osage River, Missouri

October 7, 1864

Skirmish at Morean Creek, Missouri

Skirmish at Jefferson City, Missouri

Skirmish at Tyler's Mills, Big River, Missouri

October 8, 1864

Skirmish near Jefferson City, Missouri

October 9, 1864

Skirmish at Russellville, Missouri

Skirmish at Boonville, Missouri

Skirmish at California, Missouri

October 11, 1864

Skirmish at Brunswick, Missouri

October 11 – 12, 1864

Skirmishes near Boonville, Missouri

October 14, 1864

Skirmish near Glasgow, Missouri

October 15, 1864

Action at Glasgow, Missouri

Affair at Sedalia, Missouri

Surrender of Paris, Missouri

October 16, 1864

Capture of Ridgely, Missouri

October 17, 1864

Skirmish near Lexington, Missouri

Surrender of Carrollton, Missouri

Burning of Smithville, Missouri

October 19, 1864

Action at Lexington, Missouri

October 20, 1864

Skirmish in Benton County, Arkansas

Skirmish at Dover, Missouri

October 21, 1864

Action at the Little Blue River

October 22, 1864

Action at Independence, Missouri

Action at the Big Blue (Byram's Ford, etc), Missouri

Action at State Line, Missouri

October 23, 1864

Engagement at the Big Blue, Missouri

Engagement at Westport, Missouri

October 25, 1864

Engagement at the Marais des Cygnes, Kansas

Engagement on Little Osage River, or Mine Creek, Kansas

Engagement at the Marmiton, or battle of Charlot, Missouri

Skirmishes at Mound City and Fort Lincoln, Kansas

October 25 – November 4, 1864

Operations about Fayetteville, Arkansas

October 26, 1864

Skirmish near Glasgow, Missouri

Skirmish at Albany, Missouri

October 28, 1864

Engagement at Newtonia, Missouri

October 29, 1864

Skirmish at Upshaw's Farm, Barry County, Missouri

November 6, 1864

Skirmish at Cane Hill, Arkansas

December 2, 1864

Price's command reaches Laynesport, Arkansas.

Maj. Gen. Grenville M. Dodge, U. S. Army, appointed to the command of the Department of the Missouri, Maj. Gen. Rosecrans, relieved.

December 9, 1864

Maj. Gen. Grenville M. Dodge, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Department of the Missouri.

October 7, 1864

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