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Jul 20, 2013

New Blog: Trans-Mississippi Musings

I've started a new blog called Trans-Mississippi Musings.
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On Trans-Mississippi Musings I plan to blog about interesting stories that took place in the Trans-Mississippi theater during the American Civil War, including the Reconstruction era following the war. The Trans-Mississippi was a named used by the Confederacy to refer to its military department encompassing Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, and the Indian Territory (now the state of Oklahoma). I also include the State of Kansas in my general definition of the Trans-Mississippi.

Since I am a resident of Missouri, I am particularly interested in the events that took place in Missouri and its neighbor to the west, Kansas. Many folks living in these parts think the American Civil War actually started in Kansas Territory in 1854 after Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. So the general time-frame for this blog will be the 1850s, the 1860s, and the 1870s.

Map of the Trans-Mississippi Region

Trans-Mississippi Musings will tell the stories using the words of the individuals who were present when the event took place. I will try to use original source material from letters, diaries, official records and memoirs. What really appeals to me when reading the accounts written by the participants is how dramatic their accounts can be. I can only imagine this, but I expect their adrenaline was flowing when they recounted the events. I have decided not to edit the eye-witness accounts to correct either spelling or grammar.

Sometimes the participants tend to embellish their stories, but that is only human nature. I will try to include testimonies from both sides. I want to provide a fair and balanced account of these historical events. Just like everyone else, I am persuaded by one argument but not another. So, of course, my writings will contain those points of view that I find compelling. I hope you will concur with my judgment. But at least you can go back to the original sources and judge for yourself.

Check out the Trans-Mississippi Musings Blog.

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