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Constantin Blandowski, Captain, Company F, Third Missouri Volunteer Regiment, Federal Volunteers

Directions: The entrance to Gatewood Gardens Cemetery [ Waypoint = N38 33.977 W90 17.440 ] is located at 7212 Gravois Road in St. Louis, Missouri 63109.

Sign at the entrance of Gatewood Gardens Cemetery Thought to be the unmarked grave of Captain Constantin Blandowki, first Union officer killed in action during the American Civil War Photo showing location of Blandowski marker in relation to Stughl and Grimmel Monuments

Description: Captain Constantin Blandowski, a Polish-American, was in command of company F in Colonel Franz Sigel's Third Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Camp Jackson where he received a leg wound. Captain Blandowski would die the next day from the wound making him the first Federal officer killed in the American Civil War. Blandowski is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave [ Waypoint = N38 33.852 W90 17.380 ] in Gatewood Gardens Cemetery. [145]

To located the Unmarked Constantin Blandowski Grave [ Waypoint = N38 33.852 W90 17.380 ], first you should located the Grimmel Monument [ Waypoint = N38 33.853 W90 17.382 ] and the Stughl Monument [ Waypoint = N38 33.852 W90 17.376 ]. The unmarked Blandowski grave is believed to be the marker just east of the Stughl Monument.

TThe Stughl Monument at Gatewood Gardens Cemetery The Grimmel Monument at Gatewood Gardens Cemetery
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