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The Struggle For Missouri in 1861

This training course consists of six two-hour long sessions.

The year 2011 will be the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. This class tells the story of the Struggle for the State of Missouri during the American Civil War. This story is told by the participants themselves using their own words from official reports, diaries or works published following the war. Photographs of the participants and sketches and photos of battle sites will be shown during the class.

  • Session 1 - Topics include the election of 1860, the ensuing struggle for control of the Saint Louis Arsenal that took place between Missouri Governor Claiborne Jackson and United States Congressman Frank Blair, and the capture of Camp Jackson by Captain Nathaniel Lyon.

  • Session 2 - Topics include Brigadier-General Nathaniel Lyon's declaration of war in Missouri, followed by the Battle of Boonville, and then the Battle of Carthage.

  • Session 3 - opics include the Battle of Wilson's Creek which took place near Springfield, Missouri on August 10, 1861.

  • Session 4 - Topics include the Battle of Lexington which took place in Lexington, Missouri between September 13th and September 20th in 1861.

  • Session 5 - Topics include events leading up to the Battle of Pea Ridge and part of the first day of the Battle of Pea Ridge which took place near Bentonville, Arkansas on March 7, 1862.

  • Session 6 - Topics include part of the first day of the Battle of Pea Ridge which took place near Bentonville, Arkansas on March 7, 1862 and the conclusion of the fighting on March 8th.

Instructor: Dick Titterington, aka, theMuse, an amateur historian who worked at Sprint/Embarq in Information Technology for 17 years before retiring in 2008. While working at Sprint, Dick was a part time instructor for Sprint's University of Excellence and spent over ten years delivering training on advanced software engineering techniques. Following his retirement, Dick has focused much of his energies on an interest in history, particularly the events that took place in Missouri and Kansas before and during the American Civil War.

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