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The Struggle Along the Missouri-Kansas Border

This training course consists of six two-hour long sessions.

The year 2011 will be the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. This class tells the story of the Struggle Along the Missouri-Kansas Border during the American Civil War. We will focus on events occurring in Platte, Clay, Jackson, Cass, Bates and Vernon Counties in Missouri and in Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Johnson, Miami, Linn and Bourbon Counties in Kansas.

We will discuss events taking place from the time when the first volunteers regiments were being formed in the latter half of 1861 until the latter half of 1863 following the events after Federal Brigadier-General Thomas Ewing, Jr. issued the infamous General Orders, No. 11.

We will meet such individuals as James H. Lane, William C. Quantrill, Charles R. Jennison, Upton Hays, Daniel R. Anthony, Cole Younger, James Montgomery, Thomas Ewing, Jr., and, of course, Frank and Jesse James.

This story is told by the participants themselves using their own words from official reports, diaries or works published following the war. Photographs of the participants and sketches and photos of battle sites will be shown during the class.

What follows is a partial list of topics that will be covered:

  • The Sack of Osceola by James H. Lane (September 1861)

  • “Jennison's Jayhawkers” - The 7th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment

  • Jennison Raid on Independence (October 1861)

  • Jayhawker Raids into Missouri

  • Bushwacker Raids into Kansas

  • Federal efforts to put a stop to the jayhawking

  • Federal efforts to put a stop to Missouri Guerrillas

  • The Partisan Ranger Act (April 1862)

  • The Battle of Lone Jack (August 1862)

  • General Orders, No. 9 and 10 (August 1863)

  • Collapse of Union Prison

  • Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence, Kansas (August 1863)

  • General Orders, No. 11 (August 1863)

  • Action at Baxter Springs (October 1863)

Instructor: Dick Titterington, theMuse, an amateur historian who worked at Sprint/Embarq in Information Technology for 17 years before retiring in 2008. While working at Sprint, Dick was a part time instructor for Sprint's University of Excellence and spent over ten years delivering training on advanced software engineering techniques. Following his retirement, Dick has focused much of his energies on an interest in history, particularly the events that took place in Missouri and Kansas before and during the American Civil War.

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