or The War in the West

Foreword by Dick Titterington, aka theCivilWarMuse

published November 2013 by Trans-Mississippi Musings Classics

Book cover for Shelby and His Men

Joseph Orville “Jo” Shelby is a wealthy Missouri businessman, who decides early that he is going to fight for his Southern way of life. Jo Shelby is a natural leader of men and goes on to become one of the greatest generals to lead cavalry during the American Civil War. This book follows Shelby’s career from his volunteering to join the Missouri State Guard in 1861 through to his refusal to surrender to Federal authorities in 1865.

John N. Edwards is working in the newspaper business at the start of the Civil War. When Shelby returns home on a recruiting mission in 1862, Edwards volunteers to join the regiment Shelby is raising. By September 1863, Colonel Jo Shelby appoints Major John Edwards to be the Adjutant for Shelby's Iron Brigade. Edwards finds himself in a unique position to provide an eyewitness account for a good part of Shelby's exploits.

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